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May 26 - May 27

Gabor Maté

Compassionate Inquiry: A 2-Day Training for Helping Professionals

This workshop is suitable for all helping professionals including social workers, therapists, and health care providers who wish to help liberate their patients/clients from the unconscious dynamics running their lives.

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Jun 03

Eckhart Tolle

Spiritual Awakening and the Transformation of Consciousness

Join us for this unique opportunity to sit with Eckhart Tolle as he points you to spiritual awakening and the transformation of consciousness.

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Jun 14

Allegra Fuller Snyder

The Future of Children :: A Webinar Series

Join Host Phil Moore and guest Allegra Fuller Snyder, first President and now board member emeritus of the Buckminster Fuller Institute for a 1 hour deep dive discussion on the future of education.

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Jun 19

Rachelle Lamb

Workshop: Speaking a Language of Life

Join Rachelle for a lively evening exploring a powerful approach to speaking up, establishing rapport and resolving differences that is soundly rooted in spiritual and emotional intelligence.

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Jun 21

FairVote Canada

Make Every Vote Count!

event details TBA!

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Jun 29

Stephen Jenkinson

Come of Age - Global Book Launch

In his landmark provocative style, Stephen Jenkinson makes the case that we must birth a new generation of elders, one poised and willing to be true stewards of the planet and its species.

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Jul 12

Jean Houston

The Future of Children :: A Webinar Series

Join Host Phil Moore and guest Jean Houston, speaker, author and co-founder of The Foundation for Mind Research for a 1 hour deep dive discussion on the future of education.

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Jul 16

Creatively United For the Planet

Celebrate Community!

Creatively United for the Planet Society has been bringing people and organizations together in creative ways since 2012, generating exposure and support for innovative ideas, projects and groups that put healthy, happy communities first.

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May 10

Dr. Shefali

The Future of Children :: A Webinar Series

Oprah's favourite parenting expert, Dr. Shefali, joins author and educator Phil Moore for a conversation around the Future of Children.

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Feb 11

Caroline Myss

The Power of Your Words

Caroline brings her newest work to our global livestream audience, sharing her deep wisdom around how our words have the power to shape our reality.

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Oct 14

Jason Silva

Hack Your Reality Masterclass

Do you want to live a life of abundance and freedom? Join Jason Silva to explore the nature of our current reality through Wonder and Awe! Create Abundance in your life by tapping into flow states, exploring cutting edge technologies of ecstasy and creation, and connect with the global community of seekers!

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May 05 - May 07

She Recovers NYC

We are strong and courageous women, and we do recover.

She Recovers NYC 2017 - celebrating strength, diversity, inclusion, and innovation by women and for women in the world of recovery.

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