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A Stream of Consciousness Livestream Event:

Fairvote Canada 20/20 Vision

Presented by Fair Vote Canada - Greater Victoria Watch the Replay
Thursday, June 21 | 6pm-9pm PT
2Hrs, 45min
Sunset Labs | Victoria, Canada
Fairvote Canada 20/20 Vision

FairVote Canada is a grassroots, nonprofit, multi-partisan citizens’ movement for electoral reform in Canada. It promotes the introduction of an element of proportional representation for elections at all levels of government and throughout civil society, instead of the first-past-the-post electoral system currently used at all levels of government in Canada.

Its aim is broad multi-partisan support to embody in new legislation
the basic principle of democratic representative government and ultimate safeguard
of a free society: the right of each citizen to equal treatment under election laws and
equal representation in legislatures.

Fair Vote Canada campaigns for equal effective votes and fair representation at every level of
government and throughout civil society by various means including lobbying
legislators for electoral law reform, litigation, public education, citizens’ assemblies,
and referenda.

Hope you enjoyed the stream, take a look at what we have from the event!

Watch the Replay

Event Summary


A fun night celebrating everything to do with electoral reform. The night ranges from musical entertainment to game shows. Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada gives the opening address, Dr. Elisabeth Gugl helps us better understand the systems being offered in this upcoming referendum, and a student panel discusses why electoral reform is a key issue for the youth movement.


Leader, Green Party of Canada

Elizabeth May is the Leader of the Green Party of Canada and its first elected Member of Parliament, representing Saanich-Gulf Islands in southern Vancouver Island. Elizabeth is an environmentalist, writer, activist and lawyer, who has a long record as a dedicated advocate — for social justice, for the environment, for human rights, and for pragmatic economic solutions.

Associate Professor of Economics, University of Victoria

Dr. Elisabeth Gugl’s main research is in family economics. One of the recurring themes in her research how public policy may influence actions and ultimately the distribution of welfare among family members. Her publications in this area appeared in the Canadian Journal of Economics, Economic Inquiry, Mathematical Social Sciences, Review of Economics of the Household, and Canadian Journal of Women and the Law.

Instructor of Social Justice Studies, Political Sociology, and Social Inequality
University of Victoria

Laurel Collins is an instructor, a researcher, an author, and an activist. She also co-hosts the show “BC Referendum 2018: Are You Voting for Change?” on ShawTV. She has worked as the executive director of the Victoria Multi-Cultural Society, as the program coordinator for Victoria Women in Need, and she worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Northern Uganda. Laurel is the co-chair and co-founder of Divest Victoria, was actively engaged in the campaign to save the Shawnigan Watershed, as well as the campaign in support of federal electoral reform.

This event is FREE and tickets are available at the door – first-come-first-serve the evening of the event. The venue can host 70 people, and doors open right at 6pm. For additional details about the IN PERSON event, visit their facebook event page here!

The Digital Ticket

We’re very excited to share that this event is being made available LIVE online so that you can join us from wherever you may be! These days most of us have big full lives, and are dealing with various commitments around family, time, money and work. Digitally, you’ll have the speakers, conversation & community – all from the comfort of your own home.

You’re not watching – you’re PARTICIPATING! Through our easy online webinar system, you can engage with other viewers, participate in polls & discussions, and even ask questions during question periods. You certainly CAN choose to just sit back and watch & listen, if you like – your active participation isn’t an expectation, but it IS an opportunity.

No need to stress – this whole event will remain available to review the whole broadcast – go over parts you missed, look closer at any slides or materials, hear that big mind-bomb again and again… and have every opportunity to deepen the integration of this offering.

There’s nothing to install, nothing to download, nothing to figure out. Here’s what you need to participate and have a great viewing experience!

> a modern & up-to-date browser (we recommend Chrome or Firefox)
> a reliable internet connection (hardwired is better than wifi)
> earbuds, headphones or good computer speakers

Our Venue

Sunset Labs is an intimate waterfront multi-purpose venue located downtown Victoria, Canada. This beautiful, high-tech venue hosts live broadcasts, meetings & workshops, dance nights, film screenings, live rock shows, fashion events, book fairs and everything else the community comes up with. For more information, please visit our website.


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