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A Stream of Consciousness Livestream Event:

Amy Edelstein

The Conscious Classroom | A 3-Hour Workshop & Book Launch $25 UNTIL MAY9
Mon Apr9 | 5:30-8:30PM PST
3 Hours
Victoria, BC, Canada
Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein, educator, author, and public speaker is a powerful communicator of ideas and beliefs that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in. She began her own mindfulness practice in 1978 and spent the next few decades in indepth exploration of contemplative and developmental philosophies and facilitating workshops around the world. In 2014, Amy established the Inner Strength Foundation to support inner city youth with the tools of mindfulness and systemic thinking. Over 4000 teens in the Philadelphia public high school system have benefited from the 3-month training. She is author five books including the new release The Conscious Classroom: the Inner Strength System for transforming the teenage mind.

Hope you enjoyed the stream, take a look at what we have from the event!


Event Summary

Have you felt despair about the teen experience and the state of our schools today? Do you wish you knew tools that help teens flower and access their innate curiosity and wisdom? Are you ready to learn time-honoured techniques that open the heart and make space for the good, the bad, and the uncertain?


In this livestreamed training, Amy Edelstein will take you into the wisdom of her new release The Conscious Classroom. You will learn about a system that has been empowering 4000 teens in the inner city of Philadelphia to calm, focus, connect, and access their deeper intelligence and trust in life.

Today’s teens face many challenges. Some are familiar. We may remember the tumult of adolescence. But other challenges are new. Our digitized, globalized world creates pressures for kids that were non-existent even a few short decades ago.

Out-dated school systems find it hard to keep pace with the times. They don’t have the flexibility to prepare students for a workforce that is rapidly changing. They don’t have time to support kids consumed by anxiety or the memory of trauma. Teachers find themselves faced with classroom challenges they have little training for and even less time to respond to. Sadly, our kids are experiencing rates of depression and anxiety, stress and trauma that are rising at an alarming pace.

But this workshop is not about problems.
This evening is about solutions.

Solutions that have been tested, measured, and demonstrated in the experience of high school students. The Conscious Classroom is an approach, perspective, and program that helps us work with reality as it is and improve it. It is about low-cost, high-impact tools that have already been making a real difference among 4000 high school students in Philadelphia.

When youth light up with the discovery that they can dial back negative emotions, that they can hack fear and go beyond self-imposed limitations, a rush of energy is released that can’t be put back in the bottle. This energy is the passion of youth and the thirst for life.

In some teens it is a quiet knowing. In others it’s a shy smile of self-achievement. And for others it is a vulnerability that is as strong as it is soft. As confident as it is loving. When we as parents, educators, or mentors witness this transformation, we feel uplifted. We feel that the future is bright.

The Inner Strength System™ empowers teens with the lifelong skills of mindfulness and systemic thinking. As teens learn to calm and focus they are more able to stay on track to realize their academic and personal goals. As they learn how to see their experience in light of the large-scale forces that influence them from within and without – from 300 million years of brain development to 50,000 years of cultural conditioning – they become fascinated, rather than overwhelmed, by their experience.

(details on the book are below)


In this live webcast training you will learn some tools that you can practice with your own teens or begin to incorporate into work you already do as a parent, teacher, employer, or guide. You will:
• Be inspired by the real life successes and stories of teens.
• Learn foundational mindfulness tools you can use with your teens & for your own stress-relief.
• Discover the science behind why educating for well-being leads to better academic outcomes and better brain health.
• Practice exercises that cultivate Love & Kindness.

The Digital Ticket

We’re very excited to share that this event is being made available LIVE online so that you can join us from wherever you may be! These days most of us have big full lives, and are dealing with various commitments around family, time, money and work. Digitally, you’ll have the speakers, conversation & community – all from the comfort of your own home.

You’re not watching – you’re PARTICIPATING! Through our easy online webinar system, you can engage with other viewers, participate in polls & discussions, and even ask questions during question periods. You certainly CAN choose to just sit back and watch & listen, if you like – your active participation isn’t an expectation, but it IS an opportunity.

There’s nothing to install, nothing to download, nothing to figure out. Here’s what you need to participate and have a great viewing experience!

> a modern internet browser (we recommend Chrome or Firefox)
> a reliable internet connection (hardwired is better than wifi)
> earbuds, headphones or good computer speakers

Our Venue




Sunset Labs is an intimate waterfront multi-purpose venue located downtown Victoria, Canada. This beautiful, high-tech venue hosts live broadcasts, meetings & workshops, dance nights, film screenings, live rock shows, fashion events, book fairs and everything else the community comes up with. For more information, please visit our website.




The Conscious Classroom:

the Inner Strength System(TM) for transforming the teenage mind

shows educators, parents, and everyone concerned about our youth a sound, illuminating, and uplifting way to educate our kids today for their well-being in the world of tomorrow. The Inner Strength System is currently being used by over a dozen high schools in the inner city of Philadelphia to support thousands of teens to realize their higher potentials. In this evidence-based program, she uniquely pairs the best of her 35 years experience with mindfulness tools with the art of systemic and developmental thinking. Given how rapidly our world is changing, our teens urgently need skills that help them rise above emotional as well as practical upheaval. The guidance offered in this book gives educators both the understanding and the tools to work with challenging classrooms today. It empowers teachers to train our adolescents with education that will prepare them both inwardly and outwardly to be wise and compassionate stewards of our shared future.