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Stream of Consciousness is a digital media company based in Victoria, Canada. Through the delivery of professional livestream broadcasts, webinars & eCourses, we help amplify the voices of some of the world’s most brilliant thinkers, teachers, innovators and community leaders.

Supported by an array of progressive partner organizations, this platform is exceptional for allowing content creators to reach more people, more often, and in a far more sophisticated way than has previously been possible.

Here's how we introduced ourselves when we launched Stream of Consciousness!

Our Mission

It’s our mission to be a progressive media source, amplifying the voices of those who push the edges of their mediums – all within the intention of moving the world forward.

Our Team

Jason Guille CEO

I'm all about building relationship and connection, between people and THEMSELVES, each other and the planet.

All over the world there are thinkers, teachers, authors, elders and creators putting their whole lives into great missions - social justice, education, our environment, spirituality, sustainability and so on.

It's more important than ever that these champions have their voices heard - that their messages become louder, more accessible, and of course archived for the betterment of future learners. This is exactly what we're here to do.

Best wishes

Our multimedia wizard - live broadcast, video production and photography.

Andrew Clippingdale


The glue that binds - systems admin, customer service and communications.

Kate Langridge


Often found producing our webinars or running a camera at events.

Joshua Guille


Leading the charge on eCourse design and interactive engagement.

Brad Morris


Web development & digital marketing maven for people doing good in the world.

Erin Athene

Technical Partner, Purpose Five

Masterfully supporting getting our work in front of the people who want it.

Rob Cooper

Marketing Partner, Plus ROI

We’re excited to share these amazing events with you – and hope you’ll join us so that we may evolve these offerings further! Until we meet in the stream, thanks for stopping by!