Welcome to a world of conscious creators

Stream of Consciousness is a live-streaming web broadcast studio in Victoria BC.
We help amplify the voices of some of the world’s most brilliant thinkers,
teachers, innovators and community leaders.

Supported by an array of progressive partner organizations,
this platform is exceptional for allowing content creators to reach more people, more often,
and in a far more sophisticated way than has previously been possible.

Our Mission

We’re here to shine a serious digital spotlight on the many people who are
doing great, deep work, including coaches, teachers, creators, leaders & innovators.

It’s our mission to be a progressive media source, amplifying the voices of those
who push the edges of their mediums – all within the intention of moving the world forward.

We’re excited to share these amazing events with you – and hope you’ll join us that we may evolve these offerings further! Until we meet in the stream, thanks for stopping by!