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A Stream of Consciousness Livestream Event:

Growing Young Farmers Society

The Future Of Our Food Watch the Replay
Wednesday, October 10, 6:30 - 8 pm PT
1.5 hours
Sunset Labs | Victoria, Canada
Growing Young Farmers Society

GYFS was originally founded in 2011 by Dave Friend (now retired from the organization), and gained charity status in 2013. Our current team is composed of an active board, passionate volunteers, and dedicated staff members.

The Growing Young Farmers School Program is suitable for learners of all ages and abilities, from preschoolers to high school students. We combine theoretical teaching in the classroom, with hands on practical learning in gardens located on school grounds or nearby. Our program emphasizes the importance of local, organic, sustainable food sources and teaches children and youth how to grow healthy produce – and encourages them to share their knowledge with their families and community.

In addition to our in-school program, GYFS also runs summer camps.

The lessons we teach address a variety of issues concerning all of us today. As parents, we talk about healthy eating to our children, but do they really understand what that even means? By introducing them to growing food, they are more aware of what they are consuming, where it is coming from, and how it is impacting the environment. By learning how to grow food, students can also play an active role in increasing our island’s sustainability and decreasing our dependence on imported food sources.

Hope you enjoyed the stream, take a look at what we have from the event!

Watch the Replay

Event Summary

This evening will be a sharing of stories directly from the teachers, parents, and students impacted from their involvement in the Farm Education Program offered by Growing Young Farmers Society (GYFS). GYFS brings organic farming education right into school gardens all around Victoria and the Capital Region to rekindle organic farm knowledge in the youth of today and increase the number of farmers and available local organic food in our region.

Farm Education in schools is playing a critical role in building long term food security and food quality for the present and future of Southern Vancouver Island. With a dwindling of local farming in recent generations, come learn how your school can become part of this program that has so many benefits far beyond the act of farming.

Joshua Wagler of Edible Landscapes Design, a local edible landscaping design firm who works closely with Growing Young Farmers, will be our host, guiding our evening through the powerful stories of food and farm education.


Joshua is passionate about bringing the wisdom of Nature into human development. He has travelled the world studying Globalization and Sustainability of Cities, and graduated with an Urban Studies Degree from the University of Calgary in 2010. Upon returning to Canada, he began seeking practical solutions to the challenges he witnessed in the mega-cities of Pacific Asia.

This quest lead him on a solo pilgrimage into the Rocky Mountains, and eventually back into the city, where he began studying permaculture design, food forestry, and urban placemaking. Here he learned and worked alongside experts in these fields, including Mark Lakeman, Richard Walker, Javan Bernakevitch, and Brandon Bauer. Upon completing a business development course with Ethos Career Management Group, he spearheaded the corporate launch of Edible Landscapes Design Ltd with Nick Poeta and Marc DeMontigny.

Since then he has co-created numerous edible forest gardens, workshops, and educational events. He thrives in teaching, sharing the magic of food forestry, artistic design, and bridging the needs of diverse interest groups. Along with sitting on the board of the business as President & VP Marketing, Joshua acts as one the firm’s main Edible Landscape Designers and Consultants.



The Digital Ticket

We’re very excited to share that this event is being made available LIVE online so that you can join us from wherever you may be! These days most of us have big full lives, and are dealing with various commitments around family, time, money and work. Digitally, you’ll have the speakers, conversation & community – all from the comfort of your own home.

You’re not watching – you’re PARTICIPATING! Through our easy online webinar system, you can engage with other viewers, participate in polls & discussions, and even ask questions during question periods. You certainly CAN choose to just sit back and watch & listen, if you like – your active participation isn’t an expectation, but it IS an opportunity.

No need to stress – you’ll have 30 days after the event to review the whole broadcast – go over parts you missed, look closer at slides or materials, hear that big mind-bomb again and again… and have every opportunity to deepen the integration of this offering.

There’s nothing to install, nothing to download, nothing to figure out. Here’s what you need to participate and have a great viewing experience!

> a modern & up-to-date browser (we recommend Chrome or Firefox)
> a reliable internet connection (hardwired is better than wifi)
> earbuds, headphones or good computer speakers

Our Host

20 local non-profits. 20 broadcasts. 20 months. 1 gift.

2020 Vision is a project designed to amplify & forward the deep work being done by the non-profit & charities right here in our hometown of Victoria.

We’re gifting 20 live broadcast events, over 20 months, to 20 local community-based organizations in order to help them reach more people, scale their message, capture some beautiful video, host an event, and build an expanded awareness of the cause they champion! 2020 Vision is our way of saying THANK YOU for all that you’re doing to make the world a more beautiful, just, compassionate, balanced and sustainable world.

To learn more about the 2020 Vision project and see the other events that our local grant recipients have and are producing, click here!

Our Venue

Sunset Labs is an intimate waterfront multi-purpose venue located downtown Victoria, Canada. This beautiful, high-tech venue hosts live broadcasts, meetings & workshops, dance nights, film screenings, live rock shows, fashion events, book fairs and everything else the community comes up with. For more information, please visit our website.


Photo Gallery

The youngest speakers we’ve had on stage throughout this project!
Big thanks to Zenkai Photo for capturing these fun shots.