Hello community!

Tomorrow is Christmas, and I’ve been thinking lots about the world we live in, and how it’s all going ‘out there’. I’ve been getting present to just how many people there are, working tirelessly to make the world a beautiful, safe, compassionate, just and sustainable planet for ourselves and our successors.

I launched Stream of Consciousness to shine a spotlight on the deep work that so many are doing, to break down the barriers that prevent people from participating in the cutting edge conversations they want access to, and to amplify the emerging wisdom of the world.

When we began our work over 2 years ago now, I expected that a) all our work would be here on Vancouver Island and b) we would be doing lots of broadcasts and webinars specifically for the local non-profit community. I was wrong, and as we are growing, more and more of our work is now off-island.

My team and I really want to contribute to our HOME, and to all of you RIGHT HERE working so hard for social justice, the environment, democracy, food sovereignty, education, homefulness and ALL the amazing causes that are so needing whatever support they can muster. An idea has been growing in my mind for awhile now, and it’s time to make it real.


I’m calling it 2020 Vision, and I’m seriously excited about it.

Over the last while we’ve done really cool projects with Pacific People’s Partnership, Media Democracy Days, Green Party, Elders Voices Summit and other local NGO & cause-based community and we’ve seen the difference that a professional broadcast event can make for them – especially with the creative ways that they have used our work!

I’ve been involved in community non-profits here for decades, and I’m familiar with how difficult that road can be. Despite how valuable it may be to reach new people in new ways, flashy events and multimedia projects and global livestreams just don’t often make it to the top of the TO DO list – yet I’m convinced they could be greatly of service to the missions at hand.


SO! The 2020 Vision Project is THIS:

Stream of Consciousness is GIFTING 1 live broadcast event per month, for 20 months, to 20 local non-profit organizations, completing at 2020. These multimedia event packages are all-inclusive: the livestream equipment & systems, the bandwidth, camera operators, audio/visual support, graphics & animations, social media support, the event venue (Sunset Labs), event support staff, janitorial, even coffee & snacks.

When 2020 Vision completes, the total gifted value will be somewhere around $150,000 and I HOPE much more than that generated in new interest, attention and contributions to the NGOs themselves as a result of our creative amplification!

I know there’s more than 20 deserving organizations in our community, so, if your organization is interested to participate I’ll ask you to complete the following simple application, and just tell us how you think you might use a livestream broadcast event to forward your mission. The application form will be open to the end of January and then we’ll announce the big 20 recipients of the 2020 Project!

jason 2016

THANK YOU for the work you do.

Best wishes!

Jason Guille

CEO, Stream of Consciousness