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A Stream of Consciousness Livestream Event:

Charles Eisenstein

Re-Villaging: A New Story of Community Watch The Replay
Thurs Oct 25, 2018 | 7PM-9PM PST
2 Hours
O.U.R. Ecovillage, Canada
Charles Eisenstein


CHARLES EISENSTEIN is a speaker and writer focusing on themes of human culture and identity.

He is the author of several books, most recently Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible. His background includes a degree in mathematics and philosophy from Yale, a decade in Taiwan as a translator, and stints as a college instructor, a yoga teacher, and a construction worker. He currently writes and speaks full-time.

He lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and four children.

Hope you enjoyed the stream, take a look at what we have from the event!

Watch The Replay

Event Summary

Charles Eisenstein brings us his ongoing way of seeing a New Story in everything he speaks of. This intimate evening with Charles Eisenstein is a deep dive into what ‘community’ truly can be. From the “Beautiful World which Our Hearts Know is Possible” to the “Sacred Economics” framework for living; Charles has been a main midwife for The Gift Economy and an inspiration for us telling A New Story.

Join this personal and heartfelt discussion on how we can co-create the possibilities of how we might choose to live; personally and collectively, towards a different future.

Charles will also be bringing through his new book tour for “Climate – A New Story“: (2018). The print version of this book is available on Amazon or from the publisher directly. Other online booksellers, such as IndieBound carry the book as well. Or better yet, ask for it at your local bookstore.


“Flipping the script on climate change, Eisenstein makes a case for a wholesale reimagining of the framing, tactics, and goals we employ in our journey to heal from ecological destruction.

With research and insight, Charles Eisenstein details how the quantification of the natural world leads to a lack of integration and our “fight” mentality.

With an entire chapter unpacking the climate change denier’s point of view, he advocates for expanding our exclusive focus on carbon emissions to see the broader picture beyond our short-sighted and incomplete approach. The rivers, forests, and creatures of the natural and material world are sacred and valuable in their own right, not simply for carbon credits or preventing the extinction of one species versus another. After all, when you ask someone why they first became an environmentalist, they’re likely to point to the river they played in, the ocean they visited, the wild animals they observed, or the trees they climbed when they were a kid.

This refocusing away from impending catastrophe and our inevitable doom cultivates meaningful emotional and psychological connections and provides real, actionable steps to caring for the earth. Freeing ourselves from a war mentality and seeing the bigger picture of how everything from prison reform to saving the whales can contribute to our planetary ecological health, we resist reflexive postures of solution and blame and reach toward the deep place where commitment lives.”



Ticket price of the event will function under the ‘Gift Economy’, which means that the price is self-determined. Pay the amount that reflects your feeling of value, gratitude, and desire to support his work, consistent with your financial means. Charles, OUR Ecovillage and Stream of Consciousness are equally sharing the contributions from your gifts – thank you!

The Digital Ticket

We’re very excited to share that this event is being made available LIVE online so that you can join us from wherever you may be! These days most of us have big full lives, and are dealing with various commitments around family, time, money and work. Digitally, you’ll have the speakers, conversation & community – all from the comfort of your own home.

You’re not watching – you’re PARTICIPATING! Through our easy online webinar system, you can engage with other viewers, participate in polls & discussions, and even ask questions during question periods. You certainly CAN choose to just sit back and watch & listen, if you like – your active participation isn’t an expectation, but it IS an opportunity.

No need to stress – you’ll have until December 25th, 2018 to review the whole broadcast – go over parts you missed, look closer at slides or materials, hear that big mind-bomb again and again… and have every opportunity to deepen the integration of this offering.

There’s nothing to install, nothing to download, nothing to figure out. Here’s what you need to participate and have a great viewing experience!

> a modern internet browser (we recommend Chrome or Firefox)
> a reliable internet connection (hardwired is better than wifi)
> earbuds, headphones or good computer speakers

Our Venue

Located on an extraordinary 25 acres near Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, O.U.R. Ecovillage began operations in 1999 with a vision to create a model demonstration sustainable village community rooted in social, ecological, and economic well being. O.U.R. Ecovillage is the host site for O.U.R Community Association, a registered nonprofit society dedicated to the promotion of sustainable community living. People from all walks of life and all ages are able to benefit from educational programs facilitated within O.U.R developing site.

The idea of O.U.R. Ecovillage had its genesis in the early 1990s when a number of people lived in a cooperative household in Victoria. During this time the O.U.R. acronym (One United Resource) was created. Subsequent events can be described in seven different phases.
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